Why Marketers Must Still Prefer High-Quality Printing

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Digital technology has made it possible to churn out physical marketing collaterals at a lower cost while maintaining high-quality printing. This has allowed businesses to print more frequently and target specific markets with their printing. Additionally, they can create more locally targeted campaigns, improving the time it takes for a product to market.

Digital printing is a printing method where a digital-based image is printed directly to various media. In digital printing, there's no need to use physical plates for production; this allows setup time to be significantly shortened. This method is commonly used when printing labels and logos and is designed for many types of paper, packaging, and more.

There are benefits to working with high-quality printing, such as:


To be relevant to consumers, customized campaigns that support local demographics are needed. Brands must rethink their POP materials and packaging to comply with local regulations, language, and imagery.


Digital technologies are helping marketers connect their in-store and online presence in new and innovative ways. Quick response (QR) codes, near-field communication (NFC), and augmented reality (AR) are just a few technologies that create a more seamless shopping experience for consumers in print!

Digital printing technology offers the ability to create custom, interactive experiences that can engage and motivate customers. By varying the experience, businesses can create loyalty and drive customer engagement.

By using these technologies, marketers can provide customers with more information and options, ultimately leading to higher sales and satisfaction. Even with mobile devices, customers will still connect with QR codes or links they can visit through high-quality printing.

Product Testing

CPG companies are feeling pressure to launch new products and make them stand out from the competition. Digital printing allows for more experimentation with new packaging concepts, making it faster and easier to test new products in multiple markets.

Supply Chain Management Improvement

Digital printing is also a popular choice for businesses because it is a quick and efficient way to produce high-quality prints on various media or surfaces, such as paper, fabric, plastics, and metals. This means that companies can reduce their initial investment and the amount of waste they produce. This may be a huge advantage for businesses and brands that need to market quickly.

Variable Data

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign was a great success thanks to digital printing technology, which allowed them to print personalized labels for its bottles. Over 800 million labels were distributed across 32 countries, featuring the 250 most popular first names instead of the Coca-Cola logo.

Additionally, Diet Coke ran a successful campaign in which they created 2 million unique bottle labels in bright, vibrant colors and modern designs. They used an algorithm to create varied designs, which could be executed through high-quality printing. Similar to "Share a Coke," this campaign focused on the individuality and personalization of its customers, empowering them to purchase a bottle of Diet Coke as extraordinary as they are.


Don’t disregard the print medium. They are still vital in marketing communications and advertising, especially as the world opens to travel, leisure, and commerce. So if you want to push through with signage, vehicle wraps, and high-quality printing in Chattanooga that uses state-of-the-art technology and has been in the business for 25 years, contact Printree today! You can reach us at 1 (423) 266-3400 or visit our website for more info!