Kinds of Outdoor Advertising and Their Pros and Cons

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So you're ready to level up your advertising game by investing in outdoor advertising. But because you have never tried outdoor advertising, you aren't quite sure what your options are and the best choice for your business. Lucky for you, this article will discuss the different kinds of outdoor advertising and their pros and cons.

Investing in Outdoor Advertising

There are many different kinds of outdoor advertising, each with its advantages. Here are some of the most common types of outdoor advertising, along with a brief overview of the pros and cons of each:

1. Billboards

Billboards are one of the most common and visible types of outdoor advertising. They are often located along busy highways and in other high-traffic areas, making them hard to miss. Billboards can effectively reach a large audience, but they can also be expensive to rent or purchase. Additionally, billboards can be difficult to change or update once installed.

2. Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are another common type of outdoor advertising. They are typically located near bus stops or other public transportation hubs, making them highly visible to people waiting for buses or trains. Bus shelters can be an effective way to reach a commuting audience, but they can also be subject to vandalism or graffiti.

3. Street Furniture

Street furniture includes benches, trash cans, and street lamps. Many of these items are outfitted with advertising, making them a form of outdoor advertising. Street furniture can be an effective way to reach people who are walking or waiting for public transportation. However, like bus shelters, street furniture is often subject to vandalism or graffiti.

4. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a type of outdoor advertising that involves wrapping a vehicle in an advertisement. Vehicle wraps can effectively reach a large audience, as people can see them in many different locations.

5. Window Clings

Window clings are a popular form of outdoor advertising that can be used on windows and doors. Window clings are typically made of vinyl and can be very effective in brand awareness.

6. POS Displays

While not necessarily located outside, POS displays are often considered outdoor advertising because they are separated from the main sections of items for sale. This is considered one of the most effective ways of advertising as they are placed nearby where people complete their purchases or transactions.

When they are lining up and see these things for sale, even if they do not need them, they may think of a last-minute impulsive purchase.


Outdoor advertising is a form of marketing that involves placing ads and other marketing materials in public spaces. This can include billboards, bus stop ads, and flyers and posters in high-traffic areas. Outdoor advertising can effectively reach a wide audience, and it can be particularly useful for businesses that want to target local customers.

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