6 Car Decal Wrapping Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

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Car decal wraps might look like an easy-to-do task that takes minimal time and effort to complete. However, it is anything but that. A good installer knows that a quality finish requires a lot of time and effort and that a single mistake can ruin the entire process.

Speaking of mistakes, there are many mistakes that vehicle wrap businesses make that hurt their service quality. If you are planning to run such a business, it is vital to be aware of these mistakes to ensure your work isn't ruined by a simple mistake that not only hurts the final result of your efforts but even the reputation of your business.

That said, here are some of the common car decal wrap mistakes you must avoid at all costs:

Mistake 1. Choosing the Wrong Wrap Material

This is probably the biggest mistake a graphic banner or decal wrap business can make. Selecting a material that is not suitable for wrapping is one of the worst mistakes a business can make.

Mistake 2. Not Testing the Wrap Material

You'll never know how your material will perform on a car until you've wrapped the material on one. For that reason, before you take on that first wrap project, it's best to test the material on a site that is not as sensitive.

Mistake 3. Failing to Remove the Existing Trim

If you decide to wrap a car, it is a good idea to remove any existing trims, be it vinyl or painted trims. In most cases, the existing trim is not suitable for wrapping, as it will be buried under the new trim. Removing the old trim is also a vital step in protecting the area where the new trim will be placed from getting scratched.

Mistake 4. Not Caring for the Car at All

This might be the most obvious of mistakes that you should avoid. No matter how professional your wrapping business is, you'll never achieve a quality finish if you don't care for the car at all. The smallest scratch or dent can ruin the whole finish.

Mistake 5. Not Doing a Thorough Check

A thorough check is essential in ensuring that the wrap material does not have any small scratches or blemishes that you might have otherwise missed. A small scratch on a car's paint can ruin the entire finish of your car wrap job.

Mistake 6. Not Making Sure the Car is Clean

You must make sure that your car is as clean as possible before wrapping it. A dirty car poses many risks, such as dirt-induced scratches, which can ruin the quality of the wrap and even the car itself.


Car decal wraps are not an easy field of work by any means. However, if you follow these tips, you're sure to create a durable, scratch-resistant, and pleasing finish that you and your clients will be proud of. Sure, you'll spend more time wrapping cars and even spend extra money to do them. However, with the quality results you and your clients will be enjoying, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a successful business!

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